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Girls 15

Girls 15 (2007) | July 9-14, St. Cloud, Minn.

The Girls 15 National Player Development Camp takes place in St. Cloud, Minnesota and includes 216 Players from all 12 USA Hockey Districts. The camp features 120 forwards, 72 defense, and 24 goalies in the 2007 birth year. There is a Goalie-Only camp for the 24 goalies from July 6-9 prior to the Girls 15 Camp. *Goalies arrive July 6. At the Girls 15 Camp players will experience a competitive, age-specific environment with on-ice training (drills, small area games, competitions, etc.) and off-ice training (strength & conditioning, team building, mental skills, nutrition, classroom, etc.).


Position First Name Last Name District
Defense Addyson Peel New England
Defense Ella Adams Michigan
Defense Keira Austen New England
Defense Hadley Austin Massachusetts
Defense Sydney Bailey Minnesota
Defense Shayla Beaudette Rocky Mountain
Defense Emi Biotti Massachusetts
Defense Bryn Chritopherson Minnesota
Defense Mika Cichosz Minnesota
Defense Chloe Cleaves New England
Defense Nina Coffee New England
Defense Katy Comstock Minnesota
Defense Nikta Danchak New England
Defense Abigail Deanzeris Massachusetts
Defense Alayna Denofrio MidAm
Defense Alaina Diblasi New York
Defense Ellie Dimatos Atlantic
Defense Alaina Dunn Massachusetts
Defense Ella Fairman Michigan
Defense Sara Field Pacific
Defense Kenleigh Fischer Northern Plains
Defense Taylor Gardner Minnesota
Defense Rachel Gorbatenko Central
Defense Camryn Grimley Atlantic
Defense Madeline Hill Southeast
Defense Morgan Hill Southeast
Defense Linnell Horschel Pacific
Defense Miami Jones Southeast
Defense Avery Kasick Minnesota
Defense Ella Konrad Minnesota
Defense Olivia Kumiega Central
Defense Sophia Lacolla Michigan
Defense Emma Leahy New York
Defense Grace Lee Pacific
Defense Madison Macaulay New York
Defense Lolo Macuiba Pacific
Defense Vanessa Magsino Central
Defense Lexi Mara Massachusetts
Defense Madelyn Martin MidAm
Defense Olivia Martin Minnesota
Defense Annabelle Matchett New York
Defense Vivian McDonnell Pacific
Defense Yasmine McKenzie Massachusetts
Defense Jocelyn Means Rocky Mountain
Defense Emily Mitchell Michigan
Defense Madelyn Murphy Massachusetts
Defense Aleksia Nesset Rocky Mountain
Defense Lily Pachl Central
Defense Adeline Paskowski Massachusetts
Defense Mallie Pereiro Central
Defense Mary Jane Petisce Massachusetts
Defense Isabel Powers Rocky Mountain
Defense Brenna Prellwitz Minnesota
Defense Jada Purdy Northern Plains
Defense Catie Putt Massachusetts
Defense Amanda Ranaudo Atlantic
Defense Grace Riley Southeast
Defense Campbell Rucinski Minnesota
Defense Addison Seleski Minnesota
Defense Kasey Senden Minnesota
Defense Shelby Shane Atlantic
Defense Addison Sillerud Minnesota
Defense Aruba Skiston Central
Defense Josephine Skoogman Minnesota
Defense Anika Stromme Northern Plains
Defense Katelyn Tortorella New England
Defense Rachel Turer New England
Defense Mia Vergilli MidAm
Defense Susannah Ward Massachusetts
Defense Sasha Weiner New York
Defense Mia Winterkorn Central
Defense Tiara Yu Pacific
Forward Lillian Ainley New England
Forward Elizabeth Allen Massachusetts
Forward Meena Al-Kadiri Southeast
Forward Natalie Andelova Southeast
Forward Addison Andre Minnesota
Forward Pyper Andrews Minnesota
Forward Caroline Averill Massachusetts
Forward Lily Babnik Central
Forward Natalie Beach New England
Forward Grace Bendickson Minnesota
Forward Jennifer Birolini Massachusetts
Forward Mercury Bischoff Minnesota
Forward Lincoln Brown Pacific
Forward Abigail Broz Minnesota
Forward Keira Bruen Massachusetts
Forward Cora Bukovich Northern Plains
Forward Parker Caldara New York
Forward Keirstyn Camiolo Rocky Mountain
Forward Julia Carrigan Central
Forward Violet Carroll Massachusetts
Forward Maeve Casey Michigan
Forward Iris Cheng Central
Forward Hannah Christenson Minnesota
Forward Natalia Disora MidAm
Forward Evelyn Doyle Massachusetts
Forward Lillian Dutton Minnesota
Forward Katelyn Elbrecht New York
Forward Lauren Elliott New England
Forward Maya Engler Minnesota
Forward Lily Erickson Minnesota
Forward Teagan Flod Atlantic
Forward Anne Forker New England
Forward Madison Funk Massachusetts
Forward Madison Gaines Central
Forward Nina Geric Michigan
Forward Ava Giroux New England
Forward Emma Gnade Central
Forward Nicole Gorbetenko Central
Forward Maria Gray Central
Forward Charlotte Greer Atlantic
Forward Josie Grossman Minnesota
Forward Kiera Hanczar Central
Forward Kendall Hassler Minnesota
Forward Neely Hawn MidAm
Forward Sophia Hess Minnesota
Forward Lorelai Himle Rocky Mountain
Forward Jasmine Hovda Minnesota
Forward Gretta Hulbig Massachusetts
Forward Ella Johnson Pacific
Forward Natalie Joiner Michigan
Forward Brylee Kafka Northern Plains
Forward Riley Keller New York
Forward Isabella King Massachusetts
Forward Mia Kozak Central
Forward Sarah Lackley New England
Forward Senja Leeper Minnesota
Forward Marion Legge Massachusetts
Forward Esme Lichong Pacific
Forward Madalyn Liles Rocky Mountain
Forward Grace Littler Pacific
Forward Anna Kate Lloren Southeast
Forward Bailey Mackeller New York
Forward Abigail Mackintire Massachusetts
Forward Emily Mara Massachusetts
Forward Rhianna Mayer Southeast
Forward Lilly Mcinernay Massachusetts
Forward Kennedy Meier Minnesota
Forward Megan Meola Atlantic
Forward Alexandria Mitsakis Massachusetts
Forward Grace Morin Atlantic
Forward Marissa Morris Rocky Mountain
Forward Mikayla Mrzywka New York
Forward Tess Mulkerron New England
Forward Lorelai Nelson Minnesota
Forward Kylie Nolan New York
Forward Brooklyn O'Brien Pacific
Forward Marua O'Keefe MidAm
Forward Kaylin O'Connor New England
Forward Emily Olsthoorn Pacific
Forward Hannah Olson Minnesota
Forward Sophia Olson Minnesota
Forward Payton Palsa Southeast
Forward Sophia Paolucci Michigan
Forward Presley Paredes New England
Forward Sarah Powers Massachusetts
Forward Ella Pukala Central
Forward Mary Quatrale Massachusetts
Forward Macey Rasmussen Minnesota
Forward Taylor Reese Northern Plains
Forward Peyton Remick Minnesota
Forward Taryn Richter Northern Plains
Forward Parker Roenick New England
Forward Nina Rossi Atlantic
Forward Maggie Samela New England
Forward Kaiya Sandy Minnesota
Forward Kalie Schmidt Minnesota
Forward Elizabeth Sharpe Pacific
Forward Fiona Sierens Michigan
Forward Anika Singh Massachusetts
Forward Julia Slaney Rocky Mountain
Forward Madelyn Slocum Michigan
Forward Morgan Slough MidAm
Forward Mary Snyder MidAm
Forward Elle Sproule MidAm
Forward Addison Stewart Central
Forward Sophie Stramel Minnesota
Forward Lily Straub Atlantic
Forward Reese Strauts Central
Forward Kate Sullivan Massachusetts
Forward Quinn Taylor Massachusetts
Forward Lily Thomas Rocky Mountain
Forward Mariana Valeri Michigan
Forward Briella Van Dusseldorp Northern Plains
Forward Emma Walling Southeast
Forward Reese Ward Michigan
Forward Peyton Wierl New York
Forward Daisy Wiggins Rocky Mountain
Forward Lillian Willis New York
Forward Lillian Winckler Pacific
Forward Isabella Zolezzi Central
Goalie Ainsley Adams Michigan
Goalie Leah Bjalobok MidAm
Goalie Aubrey Borchers Pacific
Goalie Julia Echavarria New England
Goalie Emeline Grennan Southeast
Goalie Nora Hannan Minnesota
Goalie Abilgail Hargrave-Thomas Michigan
Goalie Ashlynn Hazlett Minnesota
Goalie Ida Huber Minnesota
Goalie Caylin Jones Pacific
Goalie Jamie Juan Pacific
Goalie Erin Judge Rocky Mountain
Goalie Samantha Knutson Central
Goalie Taylor Kressin Minnesota
Goalie Campbell Krotee New England
Goalie Evelyn Lacey Massachusetts
Goalie Olivia Park Atlantic
Goalie Dana Rigan Central
Goalie Nicole Schumm Minnesota
Goalie Avery Sharma Michigan
Goalie Maria Suarez New York
Goalie Megan Suppes Northern Plains
Goalie Taylor Thompson Minnesota
Goalie Heather Wolff Central
Goalie Jackie Wright Massachusetts

Note: Players from Minnesota and Massachusetts will be added to this list after the conclusion of their tryouts in June.

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