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Girls Under-18 Select

Girls U18 Select (2005-2007) | July 15 - 21, St. Cloud, Minn.

The Girls U18 Select Camp takes place in St. Cloud, Minnesota and includes 76 players, made up of 40 forwards, 28 defense, and 8 goalies from the 2005, 2006, and 2007 birth years. At the U18 Select Development Camp, USA Hockey provides a competitive and challenging learning environment for participating players with on-ice training (drills, small area games, competitions, etc.) and off-ice training (strength & conditioning, team building, mental skills, nutrition, classroom, etc.). In addition to USA Hockey’s priority of focusing on athlete development, this camp is also an evaluation-based camp to determine which players will advance to the Women’s National Team U18 National Festival in August.


Position First Name Last Name District Birth Year
Defense Adelena Alvarez New York 2005
Defense Molly Boyle Massachusetts 2006
Defense Cailin Mumm Minnesota 2005
Defense Carly Humphrey Minnesota 2006
Defense Kamdyn Davis Central 2006
Defense Rose Dwyer Atlantic 2006
Defense Ellah Hause Minnesota 2005
Defense Elly Klepinger Minnesota 2005
Defense Megan Healy New England 2007
Defense Mackenzie Jones Minnesota 2007
Defense Josephine Lang Minnesota 2005
Defense Courtney Little Minnesota 2007
Defense Gabrielle Kim Pacific 2005
Defense Rosie Klein Central 2005
Defense Lauren Karl Minnesota 2006
Defense Maggie Kime Michigan 2005
Defense Melanie Targosz Michigan 2005
Defense Molly Jordan New England 2005
Defense Sophie Morrow New England 2007
Defense Maria Pape MidAm 2005
Defense Syndey Putrah Minnesota 2005
Defense Taylor Porthan Minnesota 2006
Defense Keira Ley Massachusetts 2006
Defense Olivia Maffeo Massachusetts 2005
Defense True Thompson Michigan 2006
Forward Lindzi Avar Minnesota 2005
Forward Kassidy Carmichael Massachusetts 2006
Forward Peyton Compton Southeast 2005
Forward Angelina DiGirolamo Massachusetts 2005
Forward Lucia DiGirolamo Massachusetts 2005
Forward Antonina Dinges New England 2005
Forward Kendra Distad Minnesota 2006
Forward Joy Dunne Central 2005
Forward Anabella Fanale New York 2007
Forward Hannah Fetterolf MidAm 2005
Forward Delaney Fleming Minnesota 2005
Forward Sawyer Fleming Minnesota 2006
Forward Cassandra Hall Michigan 2005
Forward Hannah Halverson Minnesota 2005
Forward Sidney Jackel Michigan 2005
Forward Mikah Keller Central 2006
Forward Audrey Knapp Central 2005
Forward Alexandra Lalonde Pacific 2005
Forward Ava Lindsay Minnesota 2005
Forward Finley McCarthy Northern Plains 2005
Forward Morgan McGathey Massachusetts 2006
Forward Lauren O'Hara Minnesota 2005
Forward Jordyn Petrie Central 2006
Forward Ayla Puppe Minnesota 2006
Forward Grace Sadura Minnesota 2005
Forward Margaret Scannel New York 2006
Forward McKenzie Siroky Michigan 2005
Forward Sage Smith Southeast 2007
Forward Addison Spitz Michigan 2006
Forward Josie St. Martin Minnesota 2006
Forward Taylor Senecal New England 2007
Forward Samantha Taber Massachusetts 2005
Forward Isabella Vasseur New England 2005
Goalie Annelies Bergmann Michigan 2005
Goalie Sedona Blair Minnesota 2005
Goalie Layla Hemp Minnesota 2006
Goalie Genevieve Klein Minnesota 2005
Goalie Ainsley Tuffy Massachusetts 2006

Note: The final roster for the Girls U18 Select camp will have 28 defense, 40 forwards, and 8 goalies. Players from Minnesota's 2007 birth year and players from Massachusetts 2005, 2006, and 2007 birth years may be added after the conclusion of their tryouts in June. The Girls 16/17 Camp is an evaluation-based camp to determine which players will advance in the remaining available spots for the Girls U18 Select Camp. Once the Massachusetts and Minnesota tryouts are complete, USA Hockey will provide the number of open spots remaining per position. There will be multiple spots left open at defense, goalie, and forward. 2007s selected to attend the Girls 15 Camp are NOT eligible to advance to the U18 Select Camp. 

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