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2023 USA Hockey-BioSteel Girls 15 Player Development Camp

Girls 15 (2008) | July 10-15 | Oxford, Ohio

Girls 15 Goalie Camp | July 7-10 | Oxford, Ohio

The USA Hockey-BioSteel Girls 15 National Player Development Camp took place in Oxford, Ohio, and includes players from the 2008 birth year. The USA Hockey-BioSteel Girls 15 Goalie Camp took place July 7-10. At the Girls 15 Camp players experienced a competitive, age-specific environment with on-ice training (drills, small area games, competitions, etc.) and off-ice training (strength & conditioning, team building, mental skills, nutrition, classroom, etc.).


There will be USA Hockey-Biosteel Boys Player Development merchandise for sale at all Boys Camps. Prices for the merchandise (hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) will vary depending on the product. Credit cards and cash will be accepted. Merchandise will be displayed in an easily accessible area for all participants. If you have questions about merchandise, please contact Josh at Officials Warehouse ( If you would like to make a purchase, online click on the listed link here:

Girls 15 USA Hockey-BioSteel Camp Roster

Position Name District Birth Year
Defense Sloane Hartmetz Atlantic 2008
Defense Olivia Drexelius Atlantic 2008
Defense Kalyn Freeman Atlantic 2008
Defense Isabel Nolan Atlantic 2008
Defense Addison Dahl Central 2008
Defense Emerson Tuvell Central 2008
Defense Addison Carlstrom Central 2008
Defense Olivia Vertucci Central 2008
Defense Kimberly Vuorinen Central 2008
Defense Lucia Welsch Central 2008
Defense Quinn Schwartz Central 2008
Defense Madelyn Burgess Central 2008
Defense Emma Cerruti Massachusetts 2008
Defense Kimberly Duplessis Massachusetts 2008
Defense Ava Decourcey Massachusetts 2008
Defense Ella Erickson Massachusetts 2008
Defense Samantha Crowley Massachusetts 2008
Defense Kyleigh Rabazzi Massachusetts 2008
Defense Mackenzie Sutherland Massachusetts 2008
Defense Allie Mcintosh Massachusetts 2008
Defense Lindsay Fox Massachusetts 2008
Defense Phoebe Niese Massachusetts 2008
Defense Makenzie Copeland Michigan 2008
Defense Katelynn Graham Michigan 2008
Defense Madeline Riska Michigan 2008
Defense Ryanne Shaffer Mid Am 2008
Defense Madeline Relyea Mid Am 2008
Defense Gabriella Hervert Mid Am 2008
Defense Lilly Ratliff Mid Am 2008
Defense Alexine Beaulieu New England 2008
Defense Erin Healy New England 2008
Defense Amelia Healey New England 2008
Defense Jayden Russo New England 2008
Defense Carly Dann New England 2008
Defense Brooke Cummins New England 2008
Defense Sophia Lind New England 2008
Defense Elizabeth Mehling New York 2008
Defense Avery Ide New York 2008
Defense Ava Karame New York 2008
Defense Phoebe Weisman New York 2008
Defense Sarah Hensel New York 2008
Defense Riley Iverson Northern Plains 2008
Defense Reagan Haley Northern Plains 2008
Defense Emma Schulz Northern Plains 2008
Defense Mila Advani Pacific 2008
Defense Gigi Martin Pacific 2008
Defense Ella Filipenko Pacific 2008
Defense Jacqueline Gasseau Pacific 2008
Defense Aurora Morton Pacific 2008
Defense Claire Jelinek Rocky Mountain 2008
Defense Haven Mills Rocky Mountain 2008
Defense Londyn Margettie Rocky Mountain 2008
Defense Stella Petrino Rocky Mountain 2008
Defense Faith Baratta Southeast 2008
Defense Gillian Herr Southeast 2008
Defense Paulina Ceballos Southeast 2008
Defense Sophia Leto Southeast 2008
Defense Kathryn Hall New England 2008
Defense Emily Wiese Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Lia Cericola Atlantic 2008
Forward Anneka Aspaas Northern Plains 2008
Forward Olivia Austen New England 2008
Forward Keira Barr Central 2008
Forward Brooke Bartlett Massachusetts 2008
Forward Shay Benson Northern Plains 2008
Forward Ella Blaise New England 2008
Forward Chloe Brinson New York 2008
Forward Faye Brunke Central 2008
Forward Lia Cericola Atlantic 2008
Forward Katie Collins New York 2008
Forward Kendra Comer Pacific 2008
Forward Mylee Cook Michigan 2008
Forward Isabella Coppolino Southeast 2008
Forward Cassidy Crogan New York 2008
Forward Catherine Crowley New York 2008
Forward Cora Davidson New England 2008
Forward Eryka Derocha New York 2008
Forward Kaitlyn Dill Central 2008
Forward Mikaela Dorkin Pacific 2008
Forward Eloise Downes Atlantic 2008
Forward Kiara Drake New England 2008
Forward Lia Drazin Central 2008
Forward Ava Eernisse Central 2008
Forward Taylor Field Northern Plains 2008
Forward Erin Flaherty Massachusetts 2008
Forward Kayla Gerson New York 2008
Forward Ciara Gilbert Michigan 2008
Forward Kenna Gillis Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Katherine Glantz Massachusetts 2008
Forward Alexandra Gregorek Massachusetts 2008
Forward Siya Grewal Pacific 2008
Forward Piper Gwinn Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Leah Hafer Massachusetts 2008
Forward Molly Halloran Massachusetts 2008
Forward Brynn Hanson Northern Plains 2008
Forward Brynn Holvenstot Central 2008
Forward Avery Hutchinson Michigan 2008
Forward Rebecca Johnson Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Victoria Jonasson Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Briley Kaczor Central 2008
Forward Karlee Kalbrener Northern Plains 2008
Forward Madyson Kirsch Mid Am 2008
Forward Jaina Kronforst Southeast 2008
Forward Madelyn Lahah Massachusetts 2008
Forward Julia Lambert Massachusetts 2008
Forward Riley Leckemby Southeast 2008
Forward Morgan Link Central 2008
Forward Cassidy Lobisser Massachusetts 2008
Forward Maggie Lovering Massachusetts 2008
Forward Brittyn Lybecker Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Emma Macartney New York 2008
Forward Emma MacPherson Massachusetts 2008
Forward Jane Martin Massachusetts 2008
Forward Chanel Martin Southeast 2008
Forward Kayla McCarthy Mid Am 2008
Forward Kathleen McGee Southeast 2008
Forward Jillian McLaughlin Pacific 2008
Forward Sawyer Merrill Massachusetts 2008
Forward Talia Mertens Mid Am 2008
Forward Charleigh Milburn Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Devon Moore Massachusetts 2008
Forward Danica Morden New England 2008
Forward Brooke Murphy Atlantic 2008
Forward Mary Murray Massachusetts 2008
Forward Lillian Myers Central 2008
Forward Zahra Nauhaus Mid Am 2008
Forward Kayla Odonnell New York 2008
Forward Ella Petroski Michigan 2008
Forward Mya Polastry Massachusetts 2008
Forward Delaila Polick Michigan 2008
Forward Aerin Rabe Central 2008
Forward Lyla Rahn New England 2008
Forward Kendra Raypholtz Mid Am 2008
Forward Makenna Regan Central 2008
Forward Laine Rettell Central 2008
Forward Alexis Rodrigurez Michigan 2008
Forward Ella Rutter Atlantic 2008
Forward Christina Scalese Massachusetts 2008
Forward Annie Schwarz New England 2008
Forward Lauren Shell Southeast 2008
Forward Keira Shin Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Lindsay Stepnowski New England 2008
Forward Annika Stock Pacific 2008
Forward Riley Stocker Atlantic 2008
Forward Lauren Terstriep Northern Plains 2008
Forward Merritt Tessier New England 2008
Forward Ruby Their Southeast 2008
Forward Elayna Tunney Pacific 2008
Forward Avery Villacorta Central 2008
Forward Bella Viskovicz Rocky Mountain 2008
Forward Nadia Wagner Central 2008
Forward Makenzie Williams Pacific 2008
Forward Natalie Woo Pacific 2008
Forward Lauren Xu New England 2008
Forward Sofia Nardelli New England 2008
Forward Izabella Zapata Atlantic 2008
Forward Brenna Ziter New England 2008
Goalie Bianca Birrittieri Central 2008
Goalie Callie Corraro New England 2008
Goalie Natalia Dilbone Michigan 2008
Goalie Ksenia Dufault Southeast 2008
Goalie Madison Hayes Massachusetts 2008
Goalie Cameron Liu Pacific 2008
Goalie Anastasia Makrogiannis Mid Am 2008
Goalie Hannah Mortazavi Atlantic 2008
Goalie Machala Musty New York 2008
Goalie Lia Nevo New York 2008
Goalie Carly Nolan Central 2008
Goalie Maya Oetker Northern Plains 2008
Goalie Adeline Roper New England 2008
Goalie Mae Steigerwald Mid Am 2008
Goalie Morgan Stickney Pacific 2008
Goalie Mackenzie Sunderbruch Rocky Mountain 2008
Goalie Addison Sutherland Massachusetts 2008
Goalie Niamh Tobin Massachusetts 2008
Defense Tess Martin Minnesota 2008
Defense Adeline Wethington Minnesota 2008
Defense Madeline Elfstrand Minnesota 2008
Defense Rylee Kalkbrenner Minnesota 2008
Defense Addison McLay Minnesota 2008
Defense Libby Moe Minnesota 2008
Defense Brooke Gnetz Minnesota 2008
Defense Samantha Angellotti Minnesota 2008
Defense Mia Miller Minnesota 2008
Defense Lucey Wilson Minnesota 2008
Defense Senna Hofmann Minnesota 2008
Defense Kathryn Ball Minnesota 2008
Defense Ella Pinnow Minnesota 2008
Defense Cambria Thomas Minnesota 2008
Forward Ellie Stewart Minnesota 2008
Forward Talla Hansen Minnesota 2008
Forward Maddy Kimbrel Minnesota 2008
Forward Kylie Amelkovich Minnesota 2008
Forward Alaina Gnetz Minnesota 2008
Forward Reece Ruska Minnesota 2008
Forward Maysie Koch Minnesota 2008
Forward Cate McCoy Minnesota 2008
Forward Addison Cowan Minnesota 2008
Forward Kathryn Zakrajsheck Minnesota 2008
Forward Katya Sander Minnesota 2008
Forward June Semling Minnesota 2008
Forward Elizabeth Callahan Minnesota 2008
Forward Emily Pohl Minnesota 2008
Forward Grace Laager Minnesota 2008
Forward Jaylie French Minnesota 2008
Forward Taylor Krieg Minnesota 2008
Forward Allison Ryan Minnesota 2008
Forward Madelyn Lee Minnesota 2008
Forward Bailey Rupp Minnesota 2008
Forward Sydney Burnevik Minnesota 2008
Forward Julia Gerdes Minnesota 2008
Forward Colleigh Johnson Minnesota 2008
Goalie Makenna Underwood Minnesota 2008
Goalie Gianna Marchese Minnesota 2008
Goalie Kayla Swarthout Minnesota 2008
Goalie Emma Matack Minnesota 2008
Goalie Tyler Jabs Minnesota 2008
Goalie Janie McGawn Minnesota 2008

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