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2023 USA Hockey-BioSteel Girls 16/17 Player Development Camp

Girls 16/17 (2006 & 2007) | June 24 - June 30 | Oxford, Ohio

The USA Hockey-BioSteel Girls 16/17 Camp took place in Oxford, Ohio, June 24-30, 2023, featuring players with 2006 and 2007 birth years. At the 16/17 Development Camp, USA Hockey provides a competitive and challenging learning environment for participating players with on-ice training (drills, small area games, competitions, etc.) and off-ice training (strength & conditioning, team building, mental skills, nutrition, classroom, etc.). In addition to USA Hockey’s priority of focusing on player development, this camp is an evaluation-based camp to determine which players will advance in the remaining available spots for the USA Hockey-BioSteel Girls U18 Select Camp.

The Girls 16/17 Camp is an evaluation-based camp to determine which players will advance in the remaining available spots for the Girls U18 Select Camp. Once the Massachusetts and Minnesota tryouts are complete, USA Hockey will provide the number of open spots remaining per position for the U18 Select Camp. There will be multiple spots left open at defense, goalie, and forward.


There will be USA Hockey-Biosteel Boys Player Development merchandise for sale at all Boys Camps. Prices for the merchandise (hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) will vary depending on the product. Credit cards and cash will be accepted. Merchandise will be displayed in an easily accessible area for all participants. If you have questions about merchandise, please contact Josh at Officials Warehouse ( If you would like to make a purchase, online click on the listed link here:

Girls 16/17 USA Hockey-BioSteel Camp Roster

Position Name District Birth Year
Defense Chelsea Bell New England 2006
Defense Grace Bickett Minnesota 2006
Defense Molly Boyle Massachusetts 2006
Defense Taylor Buckley Massachusetts 2006
Defense Mika Cichosz Minnesota 2007
Defense Nina Coffee New England 2007
Defense Katy Comstock Minnesota 2007
Defense Brenna Curl Northern Plains 2006
Defense Nikita Danchak New England 2007
Defense Sophia Deanzeris New York 2006
Defense Nora DeVries Minnesota 2006
Defense Alaina Dunn Massachusetts 2007
Defense Kenleigh Fischer Northern Plains 2007
Defense Taylor Gardner Minnesota 2007
Defense Isabella Gratzl Central 2006
Defense Jamie Griswold Massachusetts 2006
Defense Suvina Heidt Rocky Mountain 2006
Defense Lillian Hunst Minnesota 2006
Defense Maggie Hunter Michigan 2006
Defense Miami Jones Southeast 2007
Defense Avery Kasick Minnesota 2007
Defense Mya Kearns Mid Am 2006
Defense Sophia Lacolla Michigan 2007
Defense Sydney Lamb Central 2007
Defense Grace Larson Minnesota 2006
Defense Lexie Lonask Rocky Mountain 2007
Defense Lola Macuiba Pacific 2007
Defense Vanessa Magsino Central 2007
Defense Alexis Mara Massachusetts 2007
Defense Vivian McDonnell Pacific 2007
Defense Emily Mitchell Michigan 2007
Defense Emily Morin Atlantic 2006
Defense Sophie Morrow New England 2007
Defense Brenna O'Reilly Massachusetts 2007
Defense Genna Pan Central 2006
Defense Adeline Paskowski Massachusetts 2007
Defense Sofia Polizzi New York 2007
Defense Isabel Powers Rocky Mountain 2007
Defense Catie Putt Massachusetts 2007
Defense Annabel Raffin New England 2006
Defense Amanda Ranaudo Atlantic 2007
Defense Grace Riley Southeast 2007
Defense Alexa Ruppert Minnesota 2007
Defense Taylor Schooley Mid Am 2007
Defense Taylor Scott Atlantic 2006
Defense Marit Seeger Northern Plains 2006
Defense Addison Seleski Minnesota 2007
Defense Kasey Senden Minnesota 2007
Defense Shelby Shane Atlantic 2007
Defense Elli Shmunis Southeast 2006
Defense Aruba Skiston Central 2007
Defense Anika Stromme Northern Plains 2007
Defense Lucie Tenenbaum Pacific 2006
Defense Grace Tullock New York 2006
Defense Sasha Weiner New York 2007
Defense Mia Winterkorn Central 2007
Forward Ashlyn Abrahamson Northern Plains 2006
Forward Meena Al-Kadiri Southeast 2007
Forward Elizabeth Allen Massachusetts 2007
Forward Natalie Andelova Rocky Mountain 2007
Forward Natalie Beach New England 2007
Forward Mercury Bischoff Minnesota 2007
Forward Maisey Bojarski Central 2006
Forward Lincoln Brown Pacific 2007
Forward Sophia Busa New York 2007
Forward Cora Buzzard New England 2007
Forward Keirstyn Camiolo Rocky Mountain 2007
Forward Kassidy Carmichael Massachusetts 2006
Forward Violet Carroll Massachusetts 2007
Forward Maeve Casey Michigan 2007
Forward Hannah Christenson Minnesota 2007
Forward Paige Cline Michigan 2006
Forward Ally Cohen Massachusetts 2006
Forward Nora Curtis New York 2006
Forward Evelyn Doyle Massachusetts 2007
Forward Bayley Duffy New York 2006
Forward Drew Dyczkowski Michigan 2006
Forward Maya Engler Minnesota 2007
Forward Olivia Fagan New York 2007
Forward Kailey Favro Pacific 2006
Forward Anne Forker New England 2007
Forward Nicola Forth Atlantic 2006
Forward Ireland Fredrickson New England 2006
Forward Madison Funk Massachusetts 2007
Forward Madison Gaines Central 2007
Forward Emma Gnade Central 2007
Forward Maria Gray Central 2007
Forward Josie Grossman Minnesota 2007
Forward Gracie Hanson Minnesota 2006
Forward Kendall Hassler Minnesota 2007
Forward Carly Hinz Southeast 2006
Forward Avery Hovland Northern Plains 2007
Forward Gretta Hulbig Massachusetts 2007
Forward Natalie Joiner Michigan 2007
Forward Riley Keller New York 2007
Forward Peyton Kennedy Massachusetts 2006
Forward Gracyn Knowles Minnesota 2006
Forward Teagan Kulenkamp Minnesota 2007
Forward Senja Leeper Minnesota 2007
Forward Marion Legge Massachusetts 2007
Forward Esme LiChong Pacific 2007
Forward Zoe Lopez Minnesota 2006
Forward Ella Lucia Michigan 2006
Forward Tatum Lund Pacific 2006
Forward Molly MacCurtin Massachusetts 2006
Forward Brighton McMahon New England 2007
Forward Carla Mcsweeney Central 2006
Forward Kennedy Meier Minnesota 2007
Forward Megan Meola Atlantic 2007
Forward Mia Montanari New England 2006
Forward Skyler Moore Atlantic 2006
Forward Makayla Moran Minnesota 2006
Forward Grace Morin Atlantic 2007
Forward Marissa Morris Rocky Mountain 2007
Forward Lorelai Nelson Minnesota 2007
Forward Addison Novack Central 2007
Forward Brooklyn O'Brien Pacific 2007
Forward Payton Palsa Southeast 2007
Forward Mackenzie Podewell Central 2007
Forward Eliza Quackenbush Northern Plains 2006
Forward Ruby Rauk Minnesota 2006
Forward Lola Reid Central 2006
Forward Lauren Riccobelli Mid Am 2006
Forward Nina Rossi Atlantic 2007
Forward Nora Sauer Minnesota 2006
Forward Reese Sheehan Central 2007
Forward Anika Singh Massachusetts 2007
Forward Morgan Slough Mid Am 2007
Forward Sage Smith Southeast 2007
Forward Mary Snyder Mid Am 2007
Forward Sophie Stramel Minnesota 2007
Forward Kate Sullivan Massachusetts 2007
Forward Addison Tremel Pacific 2007
Forward Mariana Valeri Michigan 2007
Forward Mia Vergilli Mid Am 2007
Forward Mckenna Walsh Central 2006
Forward Trinity Walsh Rocky Mountain 2006
Forward Isabella Zolezzi Central 2007
Goalie Adreanna Doucette Massachusetts 2006
Goalie Emeline Grennan Southeast 2007
Goalie Nora Hannan Minnesota 2007
Goalie Mallory Hartl Minnesota 2007
Goalie Ashlyn Hazlett Minnesota 2007
Goalie Ida Huber Minnesota 2007
Goalie Delaney Lawn Central 2006
Goalie Elizabeth Luong Massachusetts 2007
Goalie Dana Rigan Central 2007
Goalie Zoe Rimstad Minnesota 2007
Goalie Avery Rodeheffer New England 2006
Goalie Madisyn Ryan Pacific 2006
Goalie Maria Suarez New England 2007
Goalie Ainsley Tuffy Massachusetts 2006
Goalie Heather Wolff Central 2007
Goalie Jackie Wright Massachusetts 2007

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