California (2) Chloe Baker (University of Wisconsin)
Lily Yovetich (Northeastern University)
Colorado (2) Avery Anderson (Northeastern University)
Peyton Anderson (Northeastern University)
Connecticut (3) Jules Constantinople (Northeastern University)
Taylor Guarino (Northeastern University)
Sydney Morrow (Ohio State Univeristy)
Illinois (6) Jesse Compher (University of Wisconsin)
Ella Huber (University of Minnesota)
Nicole LaMantia (University of Wisconsin)
Abbey Murphy (University of Minnesota)
Paige Taborski (Northeastern University)
Skylar Vetter (University of Minnesota)
Maryland (1) Lacey Eden (University of Wisconsin)
Massachusetts (9) Lily Brazis (Northeastern University)
Molly Griffin (Northeastern University)
Kate Holmes (Northeastern University)
Skylar Irving (Northeastern University)
Gali Levy (Ohio State University)
Alexa Matses (Northeastern University)
Savannah Norcross (University of Minnesota)
Casey O'Brien (University of Wisconsin)
Lily Shannon (Northeastern University)
Michigan (5) Brooke Bink (Ohio State Univeristy)
Riley Brengman (Ohio State University)
Abbey Mahron (Northeastern University)
Kirsten Simms (University of Wisconsin)
Amanda Thiele (Ohio State University)
Minnesota (36) Alyssa Antonakis (Northeastern University)
Madison Bizal (Ohio State University)
Emma Conner (University of Minnesota)
Peyton Cullaton (Northeastern University)
Claire Enright (University of Wisconsin)
Allie Franco (University of Minnesota)
Kenzie Hausworth (Ohio State University)
Taylor Heise (University of Minnesota)
Sophie Helgeson (University of Wisconsin)
Peyton Hemp (University of Minnesota)
Crystalyn Hengler (University of Minnesota)
Sophia Johnson (University of Minnesota)
Vivian Jungels (University of Wisconsin)
Madison Kaiser (University of Minnesota)
Katie Kotlowski (University of Wisconsin)
Olivia King (University of Minnesota)
Quinn Kuntz (Ohio State University)
Paetyn Levis (Ohio State University)
Sadie Lindsay (University of Minnesota)
Sloane Matthews (Ohio State University)
Maggie Nicholson (University of Minnesota)
Lizi Norton (University of Minnesota)
Emily Oden (University of Minnesota)
Gracie Ostertag (University of Minnesota)
Makayla Pahl (University of Minnesota)
Ramsey Parent (Ohio State University)
Emma Peschel (Ohio State University)
Gabby Rosenthal (Ohio State University)
Catie Skaja (University of Minnesota)
Tristana Tatur (University of Minnesota)
Mayson Toft (University of Wisconsin)
Skylar Vetter (University of Minnesota)
Audrey Wethingon (University of Minnesota)
Madeline Wethington (University of Minnesota)
Emily Zumwinkle (University of Minnesota)
Grace Zumwinkle (University of Minnesota)
Missouri (2) Josey Dunne (University of Minnesota)
Makenna Webster (Ohio State Univeristy)
New Hampshire (3) Kristina Allard (Northeastern University)
Caroline Harvey (University of Wisconsin)
Mia Langlois (Northeastern Univeristy)
New York (5) Natalie Buchbinder (University of Wisconsin)
Katy Knoll (Northeastern University)
Cami Kronish (University of Wisconsin)
Maureen Murphy (Northeastern University)
Lexington Secreto (Ohio State University)
North Dakota (1) Britta Curl (University of Wisconsin)
Ohio (4) Lauren Bernard (Ohio State University)
Chayla Edwards (University of Wisconsin)
Laila Edwards (University of Wisconsin)
Gwyneth Philips (Ohio State University)
Pennsylvania (1) Hadley Hartmetz (Ohio State University)
Vermont (1) Mia Brown (Northeastern University)
Wisconsin (1) Abigail Boreen (University of Wisconsin)