Youth Hockey Coach You'd Like To Thank: Eric Silverman took a chance on me to play up last year and is helping me become a better all around player

Best Memory From Your Own Playing Career: Making the Five Nations Tournament team and being able to represent my country. Wearing the USA jersey has always been a goal of mine since being a little kid.

One Person You'd Like To Meet: Michael Jordan

Celebrity You'd Want To Have Dinner With: Tiger Woods

Dream Job (Non Hockey): Pro Golfer

Favorite Food: Wings

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Miracle because it is awesome and Breaking Bad also because it is awesome

Favorite Go-To Pump-Up Music: It changes but right now I like Nirvana (my dog's name is Cobain), the Killers, and Linkin Park

Favorite Account To Follow On Social Media: Puck Empire

Favorite Off-Ice Activity: Boxing. I also like to play my dad in tennis, golf, and basketball

Favorite Vacation Spot: I want to go to Hawaii one day