Hockey Questions

Youth Hockey Coach You'd Like To Thank: Frank O'Connor. He was the one who recruited me and believed in me to come to Mount where I would develop and love my three years there,

Best Memory From Your Own Playing Career: Scoring in nattys with .9 seconds to tie a game to extend our season. This brought the team together and was a special moment.

Pregame Routine: Changes every game! Always got to wear my lucky flip flops at the rink though!

American NHL Player you would want on your line: Jack Hughes

NHL player's style you try to replicate: Matthew Tkachuk

Your Road Trip Essentials: Phone, Beats, water

Instagram: @jjmonteiro8


Celebrity You'd Want To Have Dinner With: Kanye West

Dream Job (Non Hockey): Nutritionist 

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Miracle and Breaking Bad

Favorite Go-To Pump-Up Music: Kanye West

Favorite Account To Follow On Social Media: None

Favorite Off-Ice Activity: Playing corn hole with my family

Favorite Vacation Spot: Portugal or Cape Cod