Youth Hockey Coach You'd Like To Thank: I'd like to thank my team's defense coach Brett Lewandowski for teaching and coaching me the last 3 years. He has helped me become the D-man I am today and has taught me many different aspects of the game. I'd also like to thank the Honeybaked program that I've played at the last 3 years. The coaches here and the things that this program does to help me achieve success and be the best version of me is amazing for me. They have helped me become the player I am today.

Best Memory From Your Own Playing Career: In Bantam with HoneyBaked when my team won the state championship in a very close game.

One Person You'd Like To Meet: Adam Fox or Auston Matthews

Celebrity You'd Want To Have Dinner With: Auston Matthews

Dream Job (Non Hockey): CEO of a successful business

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmigiana

Favorite Movie/TV Show: I don't watch many movies or shows, so I'm usually watching ESPN or NHL network.

Favorite Go-To Pump-Up Music: Country or Rap

Favorite Account To Follow On Social Media: NHL because they are always showing the clips from games that I might not see.

Favorite Off-Ice Activity: Golfing

Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida

Person Whose Helped You The Most In Your Hockey Career: My Mom and Dad because they take me everywhere, keep me disciplined and ready to go.

NHL Player You Would Want On Your Line: Adam Fox, the reason why is I love the way he plays the game. He always makes the right play and is involved everywhere on the ice.

NHL Player's Style You Try To Replicate: Adam Fox because he can do it all, whether its offensive or defensively.

Pregame Routine: My pregame routine consists of a big lunch or dinner 3-4 hours before a game, after that I take usually a 20-30 minute nap. Then after that I make a smoothie and bring a granola bar or banana to the game. Then an hour before a game I stretch and get warmed up and then eat my snack before the game.

Favorite Workout: Legs but if i had to choose a leg workout it would be squats of any way.

Road Trip Essentials: Air pods, food and a good headrest