• Father, Gabriel, ran track and field at the University of Arizona (1992-96)
  • Mother, Eva, played tennis at Azusa Pacific University (1998-2002) 
  • Grandfather, Donald, played football at Wichita State (1966-69)


Youth Hockey Coach You'd Like To Thank: Eugene Kabanets Eugene was huge in my skill development, pushed me to play hard and be a leader, and was fun to play for.

Best Memory From Your Own Playing Career: Winning World Selects in Nashville in 2023 with a great group of teammates after beating a heavily favored team in the semi-finals.

One Person You'd Like To Meet: Wayne Gretzky

Celebrity You'd Want To Have Dinner With: Tom Brady

Dream Job (Non Hockey): Real Estate Developer

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Movie/TV Show: Hustle

Favorite Go-To Pump-Up Music: Whatever is on in the locker room

Favorite Account To Follow On Social Media: ESPN

Favorite Off-Ice Activity: Golf

Favorite Vacation Spot: Mammoth

Person Whose Helped You The Most In Your Hockey Career: My parents and family Many coaches (Eugene Kabanets, Sandy Gasseau, Mike Bickley, Jeff Friesen, Brett Kurtz, Christian Bragnalo, Mike Caprentier, Rich Metro, Des Christopher) Mikey Berchild and Cooper Soller

NHL Player You Would Want On Your Line: Troy Terry

NHL Player's Style You Try To Replicate: Auston Mathews

Pregame Routine: Roll out, chill in the locker room, shoot pucks, tape stick, hard warm up, get dressed, left skate first.

Favorite Workout: Gym - power and explosiveness

Road Trip Essentials: Phone, good pillow and blanket, computer, water