Hey USA Hockey fans, Josh Pauls here.

To say the travel day to Korea was long is an understatement. It started with a 7am departure from the San Francisco hotel and didn't end until we arrived at the PyeongChang hotel at 7pm... the following day. Having a 15 hour time difference is difficult, but we'll manage.

Taking a look at the schedule, lot of talk can be made about us having to play seven games in eight days. It'll be tough on the body, but in a weird way it's also kind of nice. Usually, this tournament is only five games, so playing seven games instead of five makes the 20-something hour travel day more worth it.

Honestly, our biggest issue right now is finding a space suitable to play "shinny hockey" without interrupting fellow hotel guests. Usually, we have a team room that we turn into the playing area, but all teams here are using a grand ballroom for meals and gatherings.

We hit the ice for the first time yesterday, and everything in the Gangneung Hockey Centre is pretty cool. It's cool we get to play here knowing it's the same venue for next year's Paralympic Winter Games.

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