Personal Info

  • Born a bilateral amputee (one above knee, one below knee)
  • Began playing sled hockey in 2006 at a clinic in Clearwater, Florida
  • Graduate of Princeton University

Hockey-Related Questions

How do you describe yourself as a player?
I'm a two-way forward that relies on my hockey sense more than anything else.

Why did you chose your jersey number?
I actually used to be #6, but wanted to change things up and still like #6 so just went to #16.

Three things you love about hockey?
The speed, physicality and team camaraderie.

What is your favorite hockey-playing moment?
Winning gold at the Paralympics in Sochi.

The person(s) who's helped you the most in your hockey career?
My parents because they let me develop a love for the game on my own and then supported the things I wanted to do within the sport.

Favorite NHL team to follow?
Tampa Bay Lightning

Lifestyle Questions

Describe your disability:
Double amputee at birth

What is one thing you wish people knew about your disability?
Having a disability doesn't mean needing to feel sorry for someone. 

Who is your favorite super hero?

What is your favorite movie/TV show?
Anchorman and Step Brothers/The Office

Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Will Ferrell

What are your favorite professional and college teams/athletes?
Tampa Bay Lightning-Steve Stamkos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What's your favorite meal?
Anything Italian

What's your favorite website?

What's your favorite music and artist?
Rap and rock

What are your off-ice hobbies/secret talents?
Weightlifting, biking, playing XBox, hanging out

What's your favorite workout?

What's your favorite vehicle?
Ford F-150