Personal Info

  • Son of Debra and David
  • Cousin Mike Welch was a pitcher for the Norfolk Tides, NY Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Brother in law Rhett Rakhshani plays in the SHL, brother in law Spencer Machacek plays in the DEL and brother in law Paul Postma plays for the NHL Bruins.
  • Has decided to donate his brain to concussion research upon his death.

Hockey Related Questions

Pre-game music:
It's always changing.

Favorite Childhood NHL Team growing up:
Boston Bruins

NHL Player you love to watch:
Rhett Rakhshani

Best moment in USA Hockey history:
1980 Miracle on Ice

Best moment in your playing career:
Winning New England prep school championship with St. Sebastian's

Lifestyle Questions

Who is a hockey coach you want to thank?
Neal Shea.

What are your life aspirations beyond hockey?
Growing companies I've helped start in Ghana West Africa and trying out for Shark Tank.

Favorite hobby?
Horseback riding

Sports you played outside of hockey while growing up? 
Baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, golf

Favorite person to follow on social media
John Piper

Favorite Food
My wife's chicken, broccoli, rice and cheese casserole 

Favorite Movie
Good Will Hunting

Favorite TV Show:
Shark Tank