• Daughter of Mike and Jayne Rooney
    • Has one half-brother, Brian


Earliest Memory of Hockey
She began playing at age five, and she remembers skating lessons and going on trip to out of town hockey tournaments

Sports Role Model
Marc-Andre Fleury

One Word That Describes Her Style of Play

Best Piece Of Advice She's Received
Don't overthink the game. Play freely and for the love of the game. Your work ethic will drive your success. 

Go-To Pump-Up Song
Uproar - Lil Wayne 

Pregame Rituals
Same playlist, juggling racquetballs, visualizing, taping her stick, certain dressing rituals like wearing the same headband, left sock and left skate on first and many more

Sports She Played Other Than Hockey
Soccer and fastpitch softball

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Musical Artist
Justin Bieber

Hobbies When She's Not Training
Crafts, anything outdoors such as hiking

Quote to Live By
It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out, it's the pebble in your shoe.