Personal Info

  • Born in Duluth, Minn. 
  • Daughter of Mike and Jayne Rooney
    • Has one half-brother, Brian

Hockey-Related Questions

Favorite Small Area Game:

Best Piece Of Advice She's Received:
Just play the game and don't overthink everything

Favorite Professional Hockey Team:
Minnesota Wild

Competition Rituals/Superstitions/Lucky Charms:
She has worn the same headband (washed of course) since PeeWees

Greatest Influence on Her Career:
Parents - they have always supported her and never miss a game

Lifestyle Questions

Go-To Indulgent Food:
Meal - pizza, snack - trail mix, dessert - ice cream

Hidden Talent/Little-Known Fact:
She is a good artist, and likes to draw and paint

Quote To Live By:
"Don't tell me to reach for the stars when there are footprints on the moon."

Favorite Author:
Nicholas Sparks

Olympic Role Model:
Meghan Duggan