Personal Info

  • Wisniewski attended Canton High School in Canton, Michigan.
  • Wisniewski is married to Nicole Wisniewski and has two daughters, Jamie and Sadie.
  • Wisniewski started a clothing line called WizWear. 
  • Wisniewski is the nephew of former NHL player and coach Billy Dea.
  • Won amateur golf championship at Jack Nicklaus' Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Hockey-Related Questions

NHL Team followed the most growing up:

Detroit Red Wings

Best memory of own playing career:

Winning gold medal in 2004 WJC

Describe yourself as a player:

All around player, good first pass defenseman with offensive upside

American hockey player you enjoyed watching the most:

Chris Chelios

Best advice you have been given:

You’re #1 enemy is 6” between your ears

Lifestyle Questions

Favorite Movie:

Saving Private Ryan

Go to pump-up music:


Favorite off-season hobby:


Favorite account on social media:


Other sports played as a kid:

Baseball, golf and basketball

Plans for after hockey:

Pursue golf