Personal Info

  • Daughter of Steve and Trish Zanon
    • Has one older brother, Zach, and one younger brother, Mitchell

Hockey-Related Questions

Earliest Memory of Hockey
Began playing at age four and her first memory of the game was around five or six when she participated in a 3-on-3 Thanksgiving Day tournament

Professional Player She Models Her Play After
Anze Kopitar

One Word That Describes Her Style of Play

Pregame Rituals
Listening to the same playlist before every game

Go-To Pump-Up Song
Thunderstruck - AC/DC


Lifestyle Questions

After Hockey She Wants To...
Work in sports

Favorite Movie
Daddy's Home

Favorite TV Show
One Tree Hill

Favorite Type of Music
Pop and country

Personal Motto
"Train like you're number 2, but compete like you're number 1"