Day 3 - December 1

Its picture day for Team USA here in London, Ontario! After a team breakfast this morning, the U.S. boarded a bus for the Western Fair Sports Centre where it is taking part in headshots and team photo ahead of the tournament. After its practice, the team will return to the hotel for the evening. 

For three members of Team USA, picture day meant donning the national team jerseys for the first time. Defenseman Colin Gooley (Baldwinsville, N.Y.) and forwards Josh Hargis (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Kyle Zych (South Hadley, Mass.) are all set to make their national team debuts here at the 2018 Para Hockey Cup. All three have skated for the U.S. Men's Development Sled Hockey Team. Additionally, forward Josh Sweeney (Portland, Ore.) and Chris Douglas (St. Cloud, Fla.) are seeing their returns to the national team. Together, both Sweeney and Douglas helped the U.S. capture the 2015 IPC Sled Hockey World Championship on home ice in Buffalo, N.Y.

Following dinner, the team was divided into four groups and asked to take part in a 'common knowledge' team-building activity. Questions in the event ranged from "how many bones are in the human body" to "how many states start with the letter 'M'" and beyond. The outcome saw Team Declan -- including Declan Farmer, Chris Douglas, Travis Dodson, Kevin McKee and Brody Roybal -- win by getting the most correct answers throughout the event. The victory came with 'hockey slogan shirts.'

Tournaments like these often lead to down time for the players and as such, players often spend time together playing cards or video games where competitions often arise ... Beginning this season, Team USA will be passing a 'USA Hat' from player to player following practice and games recognizing unsung heroes, standout performers and more.