Personal Info

  • Born a congenital bilateral amputee (does not have a femur in either leg)
  • Began playing sled hockey in 2006
  • Member of the RIC Blackhawks since 2011-12 season
    • Skated with the RIC Blackhawks at the 2011 and 2012 USA Hockey Sled Classic Championships, presented by the NHL
  • 2014 March of Dimes “Inspirational Athlete”
  • Favorite NHL Team is the Chicago Blackhawks

Lifestyle Questions

Who is your favorite super hero?
Captain America

What is your favorite movie/TV show?
Super Bad and Step Brothers/Orange is the New Black

Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Will Ferrell

What are your favorite professional and college teams/athletes?
Chicago Blackhawks

What's your favorite meal?
Macaroni and cheese with steak

What's your favorite magazine/book?
The Five People You Meet in Heaven

What's your favorite music and artist?
Rap, Rock. Macklemore-Starting Over

Do you have any hobbies?
Playing video games, working out

What's your favorite workout?

What's your favorite vehicle?
1969 Lincoln Continental