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Boys Select 17 PDC Practice Plan

By USA Hockey, 07/05/18, 4:50AM MDT


See what drills the coaches ran in the opening practice

Practice Plan Details

Small-Area Games

45 Minutes

Objectives: D-Zone/O-Zone play, forechecking, backchecking, zone entry, power play, penalty kill, FUN.

Equipment needs: 4 nets, pucks, tires, borders, 4-8 coaches.

4 Corners Passing Progression

5 Minutes

Everyone passes

2v2 (+4) keep away

Kessel vs Oshie

10 Minutes

Game is played 3v3 in the interior with each team having support players that can move laterally. Os try maintain possession of the puck for the duration of the shift and prevent the Xs from scoring by keeping the puck. Xs try to get the puck and attack either net to score. Xs must use the low support player before they can score. Flip Kessel and Oshie roles each shift. 

Concepts: Puck possession, puck support, transition, goal-scoring, passing and receiving, forechecking.

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Chix Filet

10 Minutes

Players will play 3v3. On change of possession, the team with the puck must skate behind their goal line before attacking the opponents net. The team without the puck must skate around the cones outside to inside before they can attack and try to win the puck back. 

Concepts: Forechecking, breaking out, puck support, transition, line rushes, zone entry.

Angler 1v1 to 2v2

10 Minutes

Players start by skating around their net and coach picks one (vary which side) player to fire a pass to. Player must catch the pass immediately coming out of his turn. The opposing player must angle and defend the player that has just caught the pass. Players then play out the scenario. If the defender steals the puck, he goes on offense and vice versa. Shifts should be 15-20 seconds. Progress to 2v2 as game moves along. 

Concepts: Forechecking, angling, body contact, zone entry, passing and receiving, goal scoring.


10 Minutes

Players compete 2v2 with an outlet player below the goal line. The outlet player must remain below the goal line at all times while Xs and Os must stay above the goal line. To go on offense, a team must pass to the outlet player. The outlet player has three seconds to do one of the following: pop out pass, whip, wrap, or jam. On a change of possession, the defending team then passes to the outlet player to flip the roles of offense and defense. Focus on quick plays, finding open ice, 2nd change opportunities, and getting pucks to the net. 15- to 30-second shifts. 

Concepts: Transition, D-zone play, O-zone play, goal-scoring.