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Boys Select 15 PDC Practice Plan

By USA Hockey, 07/20/18, 10:00AM EDT


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Practice Plan Details

Small-Area Games

60 Minutes: Warmup (8 min.), 7 SAG (7-8 min. each)

Objectives: Puck Pursuit

Equipment needs: Four nets, ice marker

Three-Zone Warmup

Players rotate stations every 20-30 seconds; goalies switch every six whistles.

Zone 1 – 4 x 1v1 Keepaway

Zone 2 – 4v4 Possession

Zone 3 – 4v4 Cross-ice

First to the Puck

Play 2v2.

First to the puck become the attackers.

Defenders must skate puck out over top of circles to end.

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Timmy 3v3

Play 3v3 side to side below the top of the circles.

Each team has a designated net to attack and a net to defend.  

20-30 second shifts.

3v3 with Chip

Play 3v3 cross-ice with a center line.

On change of possession in DZ, the puck must travel behind the net before breakout. After breakout, puck must be chipped into offensive zone for pursuit and forecheck.

Players change 1 for 1 and manage their own shifts.

Timmy's Angle

Play 3v3 cross-ice with a center line.

One team is attacking and one team defending. Once defending team gains possession, they must break out from behind the net. Once they gain possession below goal line, attacking team then tags up on dotted line, then attacks on the forecheck. 30-second shifts.

Spot new puck and players go right away.

Bubble Hockey

1v1 in the middle with side flank shooters. Inside players must stay inside the circle and outside players stay out.

Score as many goals as possible in 20-30 second shifts.

3v3 OZ Pursuit

3v3 in the zone. Defensive players have sticks turned over. Starts w/2v2 in corner w/F3 on strong side dot, D3 heels stay in the crease until F3 gets puck. Two forwards in corner get puck to F3, F3 shoots immediately (D3 can attack him once F3 receives puck).

After shot, coach blows whistle, chips second puck into weakside corner, F3 pursues and play out in-zone 3v3.

Laker 4 Net

Play 3v3; score on any net. When two goals are scored against a specific net, that goalie and net are eliminated from the game. Play until there is only one goalie left.