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Active Player Pool - U.S. Women's National Teams

Active Player Pool:  Depending on movement within the player pool we anticipate this list to be updated every few months throughout the season.  Notification will be sent to players (who are in the pool) and all NCAA Division I coaches anytime the pool is updated.

Objective: Publicly identify players who are actively on National Team radar. By publicly posting our player pool we aim to eliminate the misconception that by a player not receiving an invitation to a particular camp, that player is no longer on our radar.  The reality is that we have a number of talented players and limited number of spots for any given camp.

Expectation: Players identified in this Player Pool should be actively training and prepared (physically and mentally) to be invited to any upcoming USA Hockey Women’s National Team camp or tournament. Additionally, this list should also act as an indicator to those players who may not be identified to continue to improve their skill sets to work their way into the “Active Player Pool”.

Identification Process: This player pool has been and will continue to be compiled through an integrated approach.  It will incorporate input from our own scouting efforts, our own evaluations from National Team Camps (and tournaments) and feedback from the collegiate coaching community.

Team Effort: We are looking for the best (most skilled, best attitude, best work ethic, etc).  While we have worked and will continue to work towards having a fully vetted process to ensure we have not ‘missed’ anyone we recognize that your input can help us ensure we are not overlooking any players who are deserving of a place within out player pool.  If you feel strongly about a player being deserving of a spot in our Player Pool please ‘team up’ with us and submit a player for the pool by completing this quick submission form.  We welcome your thoughts.