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2019 Girls U18 Select Player Development Camp Roster

Partial Roster as of May 13, 2019            

As of May 13, 2019, USA Hockey has named its partial roster for the 2019 Girls U18 Select Camp, which includes 28 forwards, 20 defense, and 2 goalies. There are 12 forward, 4 defense, and 4 goalie spots left open. Players from districts that have not completed their district tryout process as of May 13, 2019 (only Minnesota 15s, Rocky Mountain, and Pacific) may also be named to the Girls U18 Select roster on the 2nd National Notification Date (June 17, 2019).

All players selected to attend the Girls 16/17 Camp will have the opportunity at the Girls 16/17 Camp to be evaluated to advance in the remaining available spots for the Girls U18 Select Camp. The final roster for the U18 Select Camp will be announced on July 1, 2019. The only 2004s eligible for the Girls U18 Select Camp are those named to the initial roster on May 13, 2019 (except Minnesota 2004s, Pacific, and Rocky Mountain Players that may be named to the U18 Select Camp on the 2nd Notification Timeline date of June 17, 2019 after their district tryout process is complete).


First Name Last Name Position Birth Year District
Brooke Becker Defense 2002 New York
Mia Biotti Defense 2002 Massachusetts
Casey Borgiel Defense 2004 Michigan
Riley Brengman Defense 2002 Michigan
Kendall Butze Defense 2003 Mid American
Grace Dwyer Defense 2004 Atlantic
Sidney Fess Defense 2002 New York
Brenna Fuhrman Defense 2003 Minnesota
Rory Guilday Defense 2002 Minnesota
Caroline Harvey Defense 2002 New England
Lily Hendrickson Defense 2002 Minnesota
Vivian Jungels Defense 2003 Minnesota
Lyndie Lobdell Defense 2002 Central
Jenna Macdonald Defense 2002 Massachusetts
Maggie Nicholson Defense 2002 Minnesota
Laney Potter Defense 2004 Mid American
Ava Rinker Defense 2002 Atlantic
Madison Samoskevich Defense 2002 New England
Julia Shaunessy Defense 2002 Massachusetts
Haley Winn Defense 2003 New York


First Name Last Name Position Birth Year District
Hannah Chorske Forward 2002 Minnesota
Mia Coene Forward 2002 New York
Emma Conner Forward 2002 Rocky Mountain
Kathryn Davis Forward 2002 Minnesota
Lacey Eden Forward 2002 Southeast
Emma Gentry Forward 2002 Michigan
Kelly Gorbatenko Forward 2004 Central
Peyton Hemp Forward 2003 Minnesota
Ella Huber Forward 2002 Central
Skylar Irving Forward 2002 Massachusetts
Katherine Khramtsov Forward 2004 Southeast
Gabby Krause Forward 2003 Minnesota
Sydney Langseth Forward 2002 Minnesota
Sadie Lindsay Forward 2003 Minnesota
Lacey Martin Forward 2002 Minnesota
Abbey Murphy Forward 2002 Central
Jamie Nelson Forward 2002 Minnesota
Katherine Pyne Forward 2002 Massachusetts
Kristen Simms Forward 2004 Michigan
Madelyn Skelton Forward 2002 Minnesota
Nina Steigauf Forward 2002 Minnesota
Taze Thompson Forward 2002 Central
Clara Van Wieren Forward 2002 Michigan
Christina Vote Forward 2002 Massachusetts
Makenna Webster Forward 2002 Central
Audrey Wethington Forward 2002 Minnesota
Carson Zanella Forward 2002 Central
Kiara Zanon Forward 2002 New York


First Name Last Name Position Birth Year District
Alex Pellicci Goalie 2003 Minnesota
Skylar Vetter Goalie 2003 Minnesota