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2022 Women's Olympic Notebook | Talking About Practice

By USA Hockey, 02/15/22, 12:45PM EST


Follow along on Team USA's journey during the 2022 Olympic Winter Games

The 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games are taking place from February 3-20, 2022 in Beijing, China. Follow along on the journey with the 2022 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team. 

2022 U.S. Olympic Women's Team

Team USA Roster

Feb. 15 | Talking About Practice

It was a chill day for the group after a well-earned semifinal victory over Finland yesterday. The team skated at Wukesong Sport Center for practice before heading back to the village for the evening. 

As the team prepares for the gold medal game against Canada, here’s three of the team’s favorite recipes from the team’s sports dietician Kaela Colvard to help keep you fueled for the gold medal game!

Energy Bites: Team’s FAVORITE game day fuel before and during period breaks!

3 cups old fashion oats

1 cup coconut flakes

1 cup mini chocolate chips

~1 cup honey

~1.5 cups creamy peanut butter

Mix (easiest with hands!), chill for 20 min if able, roll to about 30-32 energy bites! 

Optional add ins:


3 tbsp chia seeds or ground flax meal

1 cup dried fruit (craisins or dried berries) 

2 tbsp vanilla


Chia Seed Pudding: Great snack with nearly 1⁄2 your day’s fiber needs to keep digestion regular after travel! 

1⁄2 cup chocolate almond milk

3 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp honey

Sprinkle of chocolate chips!

Stir, let sit for a few minutes, stir again and eat after refrigerating for 2+ hours! Add toppings if desired!

Optional toppings: Cinnamon

Dried fruit

Sliced banana Peanut/almond butter Granola


Over Night Oats: Long lasting, energy dense breakfast/snack option!

1⁄2 cup rolled oats

3⁄4 cup milk (dairy, nut, soy, etc.)

Honey/maple syrup as desired

1⁄4 cup Greek yogurt (optional)

1⁄2 scoop protein powder (optional)

Stir, let sit overnight and enjoy in the morning, adding toppings as desired!

Optional toppings: Cinnamon

Dried fruit

Sliced banana/fruit Peanut/almond butter Seeds/Nuts

Feb. 13 | Snow Day

In true Winter Olympic Games fashion, it snowed in Beijing! The team woke up to a winter wonderland, walking around the snow-covered village in the morning before making their way to the rink for practice in the afternoon.

It’s the day before the team’s semifinal matchup against Finland, so the team was focused and ready to go as they hit the ice for practice.

To help get excited for the game, here’s a few stories that have been published in the last week about this team. Enjoy!




Feb. 12 | Hockey, Hockey and More Hockey

How does the 2022 U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team relax the morning after a hard-fought victory over the Czech Republic in the quarterfinal round of the Games? By taking in some more hockey!! The team spent the morning over at National Indoor Stadium cheering on the men’s team as they defeated Canada, 4-2, in preliminary round play.

Five-time Olympic snowboarder Shawn White and world record holder and men’s figure skating gold medalist Nathan Chen were in attendance at the game, watching alongside the team.

After cheering the men to victory, the team hit the ice for practice, an hour-long session at Wukesong Sport Center. With the semifinal matchup against Finland quickly approaching, the team looks to prepare for the familiar opponent.

Feb. 11 | Advancing To The Semifinals

BEIJING — The U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey team defeated the Czech Republic 4-1 to advance to the semifinals of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games today at the Wukesong Sports Center. 

“I think there was a lot of relief, but more so than relief I felt like it was a reward for the effort we were putting in the entire game and the adjustments we continued to make in our pursuit of scoring goals,'” said Joel Johnson, head coach of the 2022 U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team. “It never felt safe until maybe the empty-net goal. I don't know if it was relief as much as it was us trusting our process. We kept going. We had to believe that it was eventually going to go in and it did.” 

Photo Gallery

Feb. 10 | Prep for the Quarters

The team hit the ice for a day of practice, as they prepare to square off against the Czech Republic tomorrow in the quarterfinal round of the tournament. The team was relaxed, focused and excited as laughs could be heard throughout the arena during the hour-long skate.

After practice, the team returned to the village and before getting to bed, the team got a nice boost, receiving their ‘letters of love’ from family and friends back home. It was a nice surprise as the players look to head into the playoffs.

Next up, GAME DAY!! The team is pumped and ready to go for their quarterfinal round game. Puck drop is set for 11:10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

Feb. 9 | A Well-Deserved Day Off

Following a hard-fought loss to Canada to close out preliminary-round play, the U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team enjoyed a day off before turning their attention to the quarterfinal matchup against Czechia on Friday at 12:10 p.m. local time.

After a relaxing morning, a group of the team went to watch the Freeski Big Air finals, where Team USA’s Colby Stevenson won silver. The team described the experience as one of the coolest events they’ve experienced thus far.

Later that evening, Abby Roque, Hilary Knight and Brianna Decker made the media rounds doing interviews with multiple NBC properties. You may have even seen Brianna Decker on the TODAY Show!

Tomorrow the team gets back on the ice for practice before kicking off the quarterfinals on Friday. Catch the game live at 11:10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

In other fun tidbits:

Ever wonder what the U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team listens to before a game? The Player’s Tribune published some of the team’s favorite songs in an official playlist. From Fall Out Boy to Taylor Swift, check it out.

What would be on your pregame playlist?

Feb. 8 | U.S. Falls to Canada in Final Prelim Matchup

BEIJING — Despite outshooting Canada 53-27, the U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team dropped a 4-2 decision in its final preliminary round game of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games today at the Wukesong Sports Center.

In the battle of the undefeated, Team USA started off strong with back-to-back shots on goal from Abby Roque (Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.) and Kelly Pannek (Plymouth, Minn.) in the first two minutes of the game.



Feb. 7 | Preparing For Canada

After back-to-back game days, the team enjoyed a slow morning in the village, before heading over to Wukesong Sport Center for their final practice before taking on Canada tomorrow. Tuesday’s game marks the final preliminary round game for the red, white and blue.

Hear some of the team’s thoughts on tomorrow’s game (11:10pmET on Feb. 7):

Forward Kelly Pannek – “Playing against Canada in an exhibition match is different than playing against Canada in the Olympics. We were trying to make an Olympic team during all those games this fall and winter and now we’re trying to win a gold medal. It’s different pressure, it’s different stages. We’re a different team and I’m sure they are as well.”

Forward Hilary Knight – “Canada is a good team, it’s going to be a good team vs. a good team. We’re excited to play hockey and play hockey at this level. It feels great…We’re excited to be playing at noon too. Nine p.m. starts aren’t easy. Getting back to the village at one, two a.m. isn’t easy. You feel like you’ve went clubbing all night. We were joking around that we’ve graduated from the nine p.m. starts.”

JT Compher, Jesse Compher’s older brother and Colorado Avalanche player, expressed how we’re all feeling about Jesse’s red-hot start to the Olympics.

Following Sunday’s win against Switzerland, Hilary Knight got a nice surprise during her postgame interview with NBC, watch here.

Feb. 6 | U.S. Women Take Down Switzerland 8-0

BEIJING — Two goals apiece from Jesse Compher (Northbrook, Ill.), Hilary Knight (Sun Valley, Idaho) and Kelly Pannek (Plymouth, Minn.) helped the U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team defeat Switzerland 8-0 in its third preliminary round matchup of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games this evening at the Wukesong Sports Center.

“This was one of those games where before the game our whole coaching staff looked at each other and said 'I think we are ready to go,'” said Joel Johnson, head coach of the 2022 U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team. “It had nothing to do with the opponent. It had everything to do with us. We just felt we were really ready to play well and we certainly did that. We generated a lot of offense, kept a lot of puck possession and, more importantly, created some really good scoring chances that were tough to defend.”

Feb. 5 | U.S. Shuts Out Russian Olympic Committee

BEIJING - Five different players scored to lift the U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey team past the Russian Olympic Committee 5-0 in its preliminary round matchup this evening at the Wukesong Sports Center. 

“I felt that we played really well it just looked differently than when we played two days ago,” said Joel Johnson, head coach of the 2022 U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team. “We generated a lot of possession and generated a lot of shot opportunities, but a combination of good goaltending for Russia and their defensive style that they played limited our quality chances. We had to continue to make adjustments and we saw the difference it made in the third period.”



Feb. 4 | Let the Games Begin

The Games officially kicked off this evening, as the Opening Ceremony festivities took place in a chilly National Stadium. Team USA donned its sharp Opening Ceremony fits as they marched in together during the parade of nations. The U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team walked together as a team in the back, making sure they were able to snap some great pictures along the way.

With the day an off day from practice, a group of the team went to support their fellow Team USA athletes at the team portion of the figure skating event started. It was a nice way to relax before playing three games in four days to close out preliminary round play.

February 3 | U.S. Wins Opener, 5-2, Over Finland

BEIJING - The U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team opened the 2022 Olympic Winter Games with a 5-2 victory over Finland this evening at the Wukesong Sports Centre in Beijing, China. 

“I thought we played well,” said Joel Johnson, head coach of the 2022 U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team. “It's always hard in the first game of any tournament, let alone the Olympics, but I was really impressed by our players. I give them a ton of credit. That second period was outstanding and I thought we really controlled the game from that point on.”



February 2 | 'Twas The Night Before Puck Drop

After four and a half months of training, the moment the team has been waiting for is almost here – puck drop of the opening game of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

The team spent the final practice running drills and having some light-hearted fun. After a final message from head coach Joel Johnson and some media interviews, the team headed back to the village to recover, rest and prepare for game day.

The official team photo and headshots were released today too! Check out the team roster page HERE to find your favorite.

February 1 | Picture Day

恭贺新禧 – Happy New Year! February 1 is Chinese New Year. The team took in the celebrations, seeing the city’s décor from the bus ride to the arena and also had a few surprise red décor items waiting outside the locker room from the team hosts. Red is the traditional color associated with the Lunar New Year and symbolizes luck and prosperity. 

Today, the team had picture day prior to the start of practice! Players donned their full competition uniform, taking their official Team USA headshot, team photo and fun group shots. Take a look at some of the best photos of the day! Official team shot and head shots will be released tomorrow. 

January 31 | Another Day of Practice

With three full days in Beijing under their belts, the team has settled in to a nice routine, taking in the village in the morning, before heading over to the Wukesong Sport Center in the afternoon for practice. Today’s routine was no different for the team.

With puck drop around the corner, the team enjoyed a relaxing day and fun practice. January 31 marks the evening before Chinese New Year, so when the team returned to the village from practice, festivities were starting to ramp up – the year of the tiger!

An Olympic tradition, the team has also started to ramp up their Olympic pin trading as well. The team and staff have started an unofficial game to see who can trade for the most unique pin by the end of the Games. Any guess on who we think is going to win?!?

Looking ahead, tomorrow is picture day! The team will get to wear their new Olympic jerseys and take the official team photo.

Jan. 30 | Skating In Wukesong

As we inch closer and closer to the official start of the Games, the excitement continues to build, not just within the team, but in the city and village alike. Today, the team enjoyed the village and all it has to offer in the morning, some even found the Olympics rings, before heading off to practice in the afternoon.

Today’s practice was on the competition rink at the Wukesong Sport Center. The team got a feel for what the atmosphere on game days is going to be like, skating on the competition rink is always special.

We’re now four days away from puck drop for the team’s opening preliminary round game against Finland, catch up on what some team veterans have been up to, while also learning about a few Olympic newcomers.

Jan. 29 | Hitting The Ice

The team enjoyed its first full day in Beijing on Saturday, as they had the opportunity to explore the village in the morning before heading over to the Wukesong Sport Center for their first practice of the Olympics.

Players, coaches and staff explored the rink, checking out the competition sheet, along with their locker room, which had a nice red, white and blue flare. The team then took the opportunity to skate the jet lag off as they stepped on the Olympic ice for the first time in Beijing. For eight members of this team, it was the first Olympic skate of their careers.

As more and more delegations arrive, the excitement continues to grow around the village and at the venue. Another day of practice is slated for tomorrow.

January 27 & 28 | Hopped on a plane at LAX

Beijing bound! The team boarded a charter flight early Thursday morning and took off to Beijing. Players, coaches and staff passed the 15.5 hours in the air by watching movies, reading books, catching some sleep and meeting fellow Team USA members. By the time the flight landed, it was already Friday afternoon.

Once everyone cleared customs, they got their bags and headed to the Olympic Village. The team got settled in before getting some rest. First day on the ice tomorrow!

Jan. 26 | Let The Journey Begin

The 2022 U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey team began its journey to Beijing this week, stopping in Los Angeles for the Team USA Welcome Event before boarding the plane to China on Thursday.

The team’s day in LA was packed with activities that excited everyone from first time Olympians to fourth time Olympians alike. In the morning, the team hit the ice for practice at the Toyota Sports Center, home of the LA Kings, before returning to the hotel for one of the best parts of the Olympic experience… Team Processing!

The teams spent the afternoon being outfitted by the likes of Nike and Ralph Lauren, trying on Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, media kits and podium outfits to be worn once over in Beijing. Once everyone’s outfits were tried on and tailored to fit like a glove, bags were pack and loaded on to a truck headed for the airport.

Next up….Beijing! The team boards a Team USA charter flight from LA to Beijing on Jan. 27, landing on the other side of the world on Jan. 28.

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